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St. Martin’s isn’t that place where everyone gets off a ship and sees a vast span of sand and restaurants. St. Martin’s Island means going to the Music Eco Resort, which provides a haven, away from the bustling sounds and crowds.

Music Eco Resort is at the far end of the island. You get there by speedboat, walk a bit and you’re there. The place offers tents that can accommodate up to four people. There are clean bathrooms and shower stalls. And you eat dinner out in the dining spot, which is covered by tin but open on the sides. But that’s just a description of the inner part of the resort. Its when you go out to the surrounding areas that you are taken away by the beauty of the island. In the secluded area, you can see the stars, feel the breeze coming from the water and watch the waves hit the large rocks. It is serene, it is beautiful, it is an escape from reality.

For those who value their privacy, Music Eco Resort is the best place to go. Unless you want to swim in dirty water with hundreds of other tourists, you can’t go wrong with this resort. The tents add the feeling of adventure to the trip. And a generator is turned on at night so that all those tech savvy people out there can charge their phones. For the rest of the day, there is no electricity. If you’re looking for a high-tech place, feel free to stay in Dhaka, because at St. Martins, it’s the whole rustic experience.

Music Eco Resort, luckily, has a restaurant (Narikel Jinjira) down where all the people get off the ship. This is convenient because this restaurant has a really good atmosphere and even better food. So for those who don’t feel like eating fish coated in sand, this is a good place to start off the journey before you head out to the resort. The chefs of Music Eco Resort are brilliant and whether you’re at the restaurant or the resort, great food is guaranteed. And the décor, in wooden panels and chairs, has a homely feel to it. Basically, it’s all good.

If you want to hear the demerits of these places, you will have to read another article. This is where you can go every year and you never tire of it. It’s perfect for spending time with a loved one, even more fun if you have a group of friends and a guitar. And preferably someone who can sing! :D That is all.

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