Ideal place for sun set
sun rise, full moon
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unseen stars
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The Last Corner of Bangladesh
saint martin's island

"Be the proud experient of a global brand that has been emerged from and crafted with the sand, star, stone and sky amid the ever changing wind flown from the Ocean, 'Bay of Bengals' along with its people of the soil and wilderness by the side of longest stretched beach of the WORLD."

As the map indicates we have two separate organizations running at St. Martin’s Island. Right after you get down from the ship and walk towards the island by the pier you’ll find “Narikel Jinjira Restaurant” on the very first right side. At NJR we specialize in Sea food as well as Bangla, Indian and Chinese. Bar-B-Queue is one of the special features we have for late afternoon. We offer buffet and take away as well. We cater orders for special catering services for all the residential lodgings on the island.

Next is our resort “Music Eco Resort” which is situated at the most south-western part of Saint Martin’s Island. From our resort you can watch the sunrise and sunset, which is not clearly possible from any other part of the island! It has tent based accommodation with all the modern facilities (including proper washrooms). The floors of the tents are cemented and the structures of the tents are made with MS pipe making it a permanent tent structure. We have our own kitchen and specialized chef. Due to the corner location, there is always plenty of wind circulating within the resort area. The tents are placed under coconut tree shades. The "Chera Dip" is just 10 minutes’ walk from this resort. There is a small lake inside the resort area where sea turtles can be seen at times. Many birds can be seen nesting here as well. The natural part of the area has been preserved very carefully to ensure the breeding of wildlife. It can be said that our resort is the last corner of Bangladesh. This is a place where you can just relax with the sound of the sea and nature with your near and dear ones.

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